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Our South African client chose to treat his beautiful Russian Bride-to-Be with a surprise Engagement Cocktail Party.  The theme of Love underscored the Menu Design and resulting Buffet stations, which was encapsulated by an elegant Art Gallery with a touch of Russian flare.


To get us started, we served Passed Hors d’ Ouveres on arrival like Avocado with a Tomatillos Salsa, served with Ice Cold Miniature Vodka’s with a Red Straw, Petit Sips of Hot Borscht with Crème Fraiche, as well as Beef Samosas with the South African classic addition of Mrs. Balls famous Chutney.

At the 2 Large Double-Bar’s, the Drinks Menu offered 3 flavored Vodka’s, also Martini’s & Cocktails with ‘love themed’ garnishes and swizzle sticks.  South African Beef Jerky or ‘Biltong’ was served, along with our Signature Flavored Nuts and Delicious Cheese Straws.

Throughout we placed the famed Russian Dolls named Babushka, as tiny momentous to our Russian Bride-to-Be.

Four ‘Small Plated’ Buffet Stations were placed about the Art Gallery, With Station 1 boasting House Cured Smoked Salmon Gravlax, with Lemons and Caper Berries, Shaved Purple Onion. The Caviar on Ice with Tri-Folded Crepes was real winner with Guests, and the Whole Artisan Parmesan Cheese display, complete with cream cheese, pesto, sundried tomato and toasted pine-nuts was a real show-stopper.

My personal favorite was the Chef attended Buffet Station 2, where I could pick my choice of protein, Salmon or Tuna or Shrimp, with mix-ins like Edamame, Seaweed Salad, Cilantro, favoring with Ponzu, Sriracha or Sweet Chillie, complete with garnishing options of Furikake, ginger and Wasabi.

Not to be out-done chef attended Buffet Station 3 was functional in its lay-out of Petite Tenderloin Fillet Steak Sandwiches, topped with Sautéed Onions & Mushrooms. Staying on-theme with Crispy South African Potatoes

Chef attended Buffet Station 4 offered offered Chicken- Three Ways:  Mini Chicken Bibb Lettuce Cups stuffed with Oprah’s Vietnamese Chicken salad.

Seared Veggie Pot-Stickers with Sweet Chili Sauce and Shawarma Chicken, served in Mini Pita Halves, with Tahini and Tomato Salad

An Outrageous Candy Bar, with an assortment of different Chocolates and Candies. Specifically, the Babushka Russian Wrapped Candies were displayed on a Tray for Guests to take a bit of Russia home with them.

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